Oktopus GL-N400/300 kg Glass Lifter

Oktopus GL-N400/300 kg Glass Lifter

395 kg

This is the work horse of the Oktopus vacuum lifting range. Light weight at only 35kg and simple to operate. This device makes glass installation a breeze with 360° rotation, 90° tilt and blow off device o safely release the panel. With 4 different setup configurations, you have quite a versatile little machine.

  • Capacity is 400 kg horizontal lift
  • Capacity is 300 kg vertical lift
  • Dual vacuum circuits
  • Vacuum safety chamber
  • Rechargeable high capacity 24 volt system
  • Blow off device to safely release glass panels
  • 2 vacuum gauges and integrated safety system
  • Multiple configurations including inline
  • 360 rotation and 90 degree tilting
  • German quality and safety
  • Australian Standard compliant
  • Mass is 35 – 45kg
  • Available for dry or wet hire

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