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Vacuum Lifters

Vacuum Lifter Hire

Zone Group specialise in Smartlift & Oktopus vacuum lifter hire solutions throughout Australia. Select from an industry leading range of glass lifters, glazing robots, gyprock lifters, panel lifters and offset lifting beams.

Our reliable range of vacuum lifter hire equipment allows you to efficiently and safely rotate, elevate, lift or otherwise maneuver sheets of metal, glass, stone and other non-porous materials, both indoors and out.

Zone Group are the exclusive authorised dealer of Smartlift vacuum lifters within Australia. So whether you’re located in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or anywhere else, we are sure to have a Smartlift or Oktopus lifter that is ideal for your specific requirements.

We also offer a range of vacuum lifters for sale and Smartlift attachments to suit just about any project.

Vacuum Lifter Hire



Vacuum Lifters

Zone Group specialise in Smartlift & Oktopus vacuum lifter hire and sales solutions throughout Australia. Select from an industry leading range of vacuum lifters that efficiently and safely rotate, elevate, lift or otherwise manoeuvre sheets of metal, glass, stone and other non-porous materials, both indoors and out.

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Glazing Robots

As the exclusive authorised dealer of Smartlift glazing robots within Australia, we have an extensive range of indoor and outdoor glazing robots that offer extreme precision, easy operation and robust design. We can offer a glazing robot hire or sales solution tailored to your individual requirements.

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Gyprock Lifters

The Smartlift SL Gypsy was developed as a special version of the popular self-driven vacuum lifters and designed for working with gyprock, plasterboard, fibre board etc. With a 70kg capacity, it has two vacuum circuits with two pumps and is stepless in all its movements.

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Glass Lifters

With an extensive fleet of Smartlift and Oktopus glass lifters and glass suckers to select from, you can safely and precisely lift not only glass, but also stone, steel, aluminium plate & more. 70kg right through to 3,000kg capacities that are suitable for a diverse range of applications across the construction, transport and material handling industries.

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Panel Lifters

Our Oktopus Panel Lifters are at the forefront of design, engineering and safety. Whether you are lifting wall or roof panels, Zone Group has the solution to suit your application. Easy installation with either forklift, telehandler or crane. Available for hire Australia-wide.

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Offset Lifting Beams

Our counterweight systems / offset lifting beams are adaptable to use with our integrated vacuum lifters, manipulators or swivel hooks. With capacities from 1,000kg to 20,000kg and offset extensions of 2m to 5m, they allow handling and installation of heavy loads in difficult areas of access such as canopies, roof overhangs, balconies, scaffolds and stages.

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Whether you’re a glazier, glass installer or facade specialist, we have a vacuum lifter solution for just about any project – no matter how big or small. Hiring a vacuum lifter for your project will maximise your productivity and reduce your risk of workplace injuries.

We even have solutions for compact high-rise projects that are far more cost-effective than hiring a large crane. Optimise your logistics by placing the glass on each floor during the construction process, then simply install the glass from the inside of the building.

Contact our expert team today to discuss your vacuum lifter hire requirements and request a free demonstration.

Oktopus Vacuum Lifters for Construction Sites

Here at Zone Group, we are one of the largest suppliers of vacuum lifting devices and robots in Australia. Capacities from 200kg to 3000kg and beyond, our aim is to offer our customers the right solution for their projects, wherever they are.

Vacuum lifters to suit glass, steel, aluminium and composite panels. Flat, curved or contoured profiles are not a problem, if the surface is non porous. Our team looks forward to helping you with your specialised lifting applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a minimum vacuum lifter hire period?
A: There is no minimum hire duration

Q: Do you provide wet hire options?
A: Yes, we have a qualified and experienced team of expert operators who can assist with your project.

Q: Do you also provide Smartlift attachments?
A: Yes, we offer tailor made solutions depending on your individual requirements.

Q: Is delivery included?
A: * Delivery can be included when required for a competitive price, which will be included within your quotation. Deliveries are typically dispatched on weekdays between 9am and 5pm (AWST) and completed within 5 working days Australia-wide (depending on COVID restrictions etc.)

Q: Do I need a license to operate a vacuum lifter?
A: You need to be deemed competent via a VOC to operate a vacuum lifter

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