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Zone Group is Australia’s leading provider of cutting-edge glazing robot hire solutions. Select from an extensive range of equipment that can safely and methodically elevate, rotate, lift and maneuver sheets of glass, metal and other non-porous materials. Our indoor and outdoor glazing robots offer extreme precision, easy operation and robust design.

Zone Group are the exclusive authorised dealer of Smartlift glazing robots within Australia and offer delivery from our yard to yours within 5 days*. So whether you require a Smartlift in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or elsewhere, we can offer a solution tailored to your individual requirements.

We also offer a range of glazing robots for sale and Smartlift attachments to suit just about any project.


Smart Lift SL208 Compact

Capacity is 208 Kg Lifting height is 2750 mm Indoor use Mass is 480 kg Width is 720 mm Height...

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Smart Lift SL280 Indoor

Capacity is 280 Kg Telescopic boom Indoor use Mass is 470 kg Width is 620 mm 100 mm side shift...

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Smart Lift SL380 Midi Indoor

Capacity is 380 Kg Telescoping boom Slim line and only 650 mm wide Only weighs 570 kg 100 mm side...

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Smart Lift SL400 Sky Lifter

Capacity is 400 kg Quick hitch to Manitou telehandler Wireless remote control Weighs only 350 kg Dual vacuum pumps Dual...

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Smart Lift SL408 High Lifter Electric

Capacity 430Kg Lift height to 3700mm Full power telescopic boom Only weighs 700 kg Width is 820 mm Dual vacuum...

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Smart Lift SL580 Maxi Indoor

Capacity is 580 kg Telescopic boom Width is 780 mm Weight is 697 kg 100 mm side shift Dual vacuum...

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Smart Lift SL608 HL Electric RT

Capacity 608 kg Lift height is 4200mm Full power telescopic boom Width is 835 mm Electric self propelled Dual vacuum...

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Smart Lift SL608 High Lifter Electric

Capacity is 608 kg Lift Height To 4200mm full power telescopic boom Width is 835 mm Weight is 930 kg...

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Smart Lift SL808 Giant

Capacity is 850 kg Full power telescopic boom Lift height is 4.5 metres Weight is 1300 kg Width is 1010...

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Smartlift SL1008 Giant

Capacity is 1000 kg Telescopic boom Lift height is 4.5 metres Weight is only 1300 kg Width is 1100 mm...

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No matter how big or small your project, our glazing robot hire equipment will streamline your lifting processes. A Smartlift is self-driven and easy to use – vacuums are used to secure heavy sheets of glass and other materials with a smooth surface. The lift gives you total freedom of movement in any direction, and control is proportional and stepless for maximum precision.

Contact our expert team today to discuss your wet and dry glazing robot hire requirements and request a free demonstration.

Indoor Glazing Robots

Smartlift has the widest range of self-propelled vacuum lifters in the market specifically for indoor use. The narrow width of the body allows the lifts to work in very limited spaces and pass through narrow corridors.

Despite the compact size, the indoor range does not compromise on neither lifting capacity nor precision. Smartlift also offers a large selection of accessories for the indoor range. Handle anything from pallets to heavy doors, Paroc panels and curved glass safely with our accessories. Please consult our experts for advice on your next project.

Outdoor Glazing Robots

The outdoor robots are designed for driving on different terrains using a powerful front wheel drive system. Inclination is not a problem and these robots are resistant to weather and temperature conditions.

The outdoor series features the most powerful and advanced vacuum lifters in our offering, ready to take on a wide range of tasks from lifting heavy window sections to exterior facade elements at great height.

Smartlift also provides a large selection of accessories. Handle anything from curved glass to pallets and heavy doors using original Smartlift accessories. Consult our experts for advice on your next project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a minimum glazing robot hire period?
A: There is no minimum hire duration

Q: Do you provide wet hire options?
A: Yes, we have a qualified and experienced team of expert operators who can assist with your project.

Q: Do you also provide Smartlift attachments?
A: Yes, we offer tailor made solutions depending on your individual requirements.

Q: Is delivery included?
A: * Delivery can be included when required for a competitive price, which will be included within your quotation. Deliveries are typically dispatched on weekdays between 9am and 5pm (AWST) and completed within 5 working days Australia-wide (depending on COVID restrictions etc.)

Q: Do I need a license to operate a glazing robot?
A: You need to be deemed competent via a VOC to operate a vacuum lifter