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Telehandler Hire

Zone Group specialise in Telehandler hire and sales. We stock a range of Manitou Telehandlers that are durable, versatile and reliable. Telehandlers are also known as telescopic handlers, teleporters or boom lifts.

Select from our range of Telehandlers with booms from 6 to 32 metres and capacities from 2 to 35 tonnes. Wet and dry hire options are available from Zone Group.

In conjunction with our expert engineers, we design and construct project specific Manitou attachments to suit telehandlers and other machinery. From a simple general purpose bucket or lifting jib to a high reach drill rig. If you have a concept or idea, we will definitely give it a go. There is always a more efficient and safer way of lifting and shifting, so let us help you.

Contact us today to find out more about Telehandler Hire.

Telehandler Hire Australia

Manitou MT 420H Compact

Manitou MT 420 Compact 2 tonne capacity 4280 mm lifting height 4WD 4WS and crab steer Only 1490 mm wide...

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Manitou MLT 625 - 75H Telehandler

6 metre boom 2500 kg capacity Kabota 75 hp engine 4WD 4WS and crab steer Air cond cab Width -...

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Telehandler Rental

Manitou MT 1030S Telehandler

10 metre boom 3000 kg Capacity Front Stabilisers 4WD 4WS and Crab steer Available Wet Or Dry Rent

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Manitou Telehandlers

Manitou MT 732 Telehandler

7 metre boom 3200 kg capacity Engine : 90hp 4WD 4WS and crab steer Very simple to operate Available wet...

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Manitou MT 933

Manitou MT 933 9 metre boom 3300 kg capacity 4WD 4WS and crabsteer Available wet or dry hire

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Manitou MT 1335 Telehandler

Manitou MT1335 13 metre boom 3500 kg capacity 4WD, 4WS and crabsteer Excellent construction site machine Available wet or dry...

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Manitou MT-X 1740 SL Turbo

17 metre boom 4000 kg Capacity 4WD 4WS and crab steer Frame levelling Excellent construction site machine Available Wet Or...

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Manitou MT 1840A Nacelle

18 metre boom 4000 kg Capacity Forks Or Jib 1000 kg Capacity With Work Platform Engine : 120hp 4WD 4WS...

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Manitou MT 1840 SLT

18 metre boom 4000 kg Capacity Engine : 120hp 4WD 4WS and crab steer Frame levelling Stabilizers Fork carriage Available...

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Manitou MLT 741-140 VH

Manitou MLT 741 7 metre boom 4100 kg capacity 140 hp Deutz engine 4 speed shuttle transmission 40 km/hr Boom...

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Manitou MLT 845-120 Telehandler

8 metre boom Capacity is 4.5 Tonne Engine 120 hp 4WD 4WS and crab steer Hydraulic quick hitch Boom suspension...

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Manitou MRT 2150 Rotator

21 metre boom 5000 kg Capacity 360 Degree Rotation Pick and Carry Chart Hydrostatic Transmission 4WD 4WS and Crab Steer...

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Manitou MRT2550

25 metre boom 5 tonne capacity 360 degree slew 4WD 4wS and crab steer Pick and carry wireless remote control...

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Manitou MRT-X 3255 Rotator

32 metre Boom 5500 kg Capacity 4WD 4WS and Crab steer 360 Degree Rotation Pick and Carry Chart Available with...

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Manitou MHT 860 L Turbo

8 Metre Boom 6000 kg Capacity Engine : 132hp 4WD 4WS and crab steer Hydrostatic transmission Frame levelling 10/10 Available...

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Manitou MHT 790

7 metre boom 9000 kg capacity 4WD 4WS and Ccab steer Hydraulic fork positioner Automatic attachment recognition Automatic park brake...

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Manitou MHT 10120 L

10 Metre Boom 12000 kg Capacity Engine : 175hp Frame levelling 4WD 4WS and crab steer Hydrostatic transmission Available Wet...

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Manitou MHT 10180 L

10 Metre Boom 18000 kg Capacity Hydrostatic Transmission 4WD 4WS and Crab Steer Frame Levelling 2400 mm Tynes Load Moment...

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Manitou MHT 10225 L

10 Metre Boom 22500 Kg Capacity Engine: 175 HP 4 wheel steer - 4 wheel drive Hydrostatic transmission Frame levelling...

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Manitou MHTX 14350

14 Metre Boom 35000 kg Capacity 4Wd 4WS and Crab Steer Front Stabilizers 350 Hp Mercedes Engine Mass is 67,900...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a minimum telehandler hire period?
A: The minimum hire duration is 3 days.

Q: Do you provide wet telehandler hire options?
A: Yes, we have a qualified and experienced team of expert telehandler operators who can assist with your project.

Q: Do you also provide Telehandler attachments?
A: Yes, we offer tailor made solutions depending on your individual requirements.

Q: Is delivery included?
A: * Delivery can be included when required for a competitive price, which will be included within your quotation. Deliveries are typically dispatched on weekdays between 9am and 5pm (AWST) and completed within 5 working days Australia-wide (depending on COVID restrictions etc.)

Q: Do I need a license to operate a telehandler?
A: This will be dictated by several factors including –
1) The state you reside in
2) The capacity of the telehandler
3) The attachments required
Please contact us to discuss whether you will require a license.