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Mini Crawler Cranes

Mini Crawler Cranes for Hire

Mini Crawler Cranes including Spider Cranes & Hydraulic Track Cranes with capacities from 1.75 to 15.5 tonne.

Our versatile and reliable range of Zone and Maeda Mini Crawlers are the ideal solution when you require heavy lifting in a confined space. Select from over 10 models that vary in size, capacity, boom height and indoor or outdoor use - We have a model for almost every requirement.

Operating Australia wide with delivery from our yard to yours in 6 days or less.

Maeda MC174

6.5 metre boom 1.72 tonne capacity Mass is 1290 Kg Only 590 mm wide Low ground pressure Load moment system...

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Zone E20 Mini Crane

  2 tonne capacity 4.2 metre full power boom 600 kg winch Battery powered with 24 volt charger Wireless remote...

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Zone 424 Mini Crane

8.5 metre boom 5 .4 metre power luffing jib 2400 kg capacity Hydraulic adjustable rubber tracks (non marking) Wireless remote...

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Maeda MC285

8.5 metre full power boom Load moment system Diesel and electric power Mass is 1950 kg Only 750mm wide Rubber...

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Maeda MC305C

12.5 metre boom 360 Slew 2980 kg capacity Rubber tracks Load moment system Wireless remote Mass 3900 kg Available with...

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Maeda LC383M-5

8 Metre boom Rubber tracks 360 slew Pick and carry 2.95 tonne capacity Load moment system Searcher hook Available with...

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Maeda MC405C

16.5 metre boom 4.5 metre fly jib 3850 kg capacity Load moment system Pick and carry 500 kg Remote control...

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Zone 1040 Mini Crane

14.5 metre main boom 7.5 metre fly jib with off sets 4.5 metre hydraulic luffing jib 23.5 metre boom height...

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Maeda LC755-3

15.6 metre boom 4.9 t capacity 360 Slew Load moment system Rubber tracks 2 t pick and carry Mass 9500...

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Maeda LC785-6

16 metre boom 5 metre adjustable flyjib 4.9 tonne capacity Rubber tracks 360 slew 2 t pick and carry Load...

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Zone E50 Mini Crane

  5000kg capacity 7 metre full power boom Modular fly jib Load moment system Pick and carry 5 tonne 1000...

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Maeda LC1385B

16.3 metre boom 5 metre fly jib 6 t capacity 360 slew Front blade 2 t pick and carry Great...

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Zone K 60

17.7 metre main boom 7.5 metre power luffing jib 6000 kg capacity 360 degree slew Pick and carry chart Wireless...

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Zone JF545 Articulated Mini Crawler

Zone J545 Articulated Mini Crawler 15,500 kg capacity 18 metre main boom 12 metre hydraulic power jib Wireless remote control...

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