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Zone Group are the authorised Australian distributor for Smart Lift & Oktopus Vacuum Lifters / Glass Lifters / Glazing Robots / Gyprock Lifters with capacities from 70 kg to 11,000 kg.

Operating Australia wide with delivery from our yard to yours in 5 days or less.

Our reliable range of glass vacuum lifters to gyprock lifters are capable of rotating, elevating, lifting or otherwise manoeuvring sheets of metal, glass and other non-porous materials, both indoors and out. Contact us for a quote today.

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Smart Lift SL Gypsy For Sale

Brand new Smart Lift SL Gypsy Vacuum Gyprock lifter 100 mm Side shift 70kg capacity Gyro self levelling system 3.25...

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Smartlift SL208 Vacuum Lifter

Smart Lift SL208 Compact For Sale

The Smartlift SL208 Compact is our most compact and manoeuvrable indoor glazing robot. Easy to control using a joystick and...

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Glass Lifter Sales

Oktopus GL-N400/300 kg Glass Lifter For Sale

This is the work horse of the Oktopus vacuum lifting range. Light weight at only 35kg and simple to operate....

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Smartlift SL380 Midi Indoor Glazing Robot

Smart Lift SL380 Midi For Sale

The SL380 Midi is a powerful vacuum lifting robot. Designed for indoor use and handle elements up to 380kg.This robot...

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Sky Lifter Vacuum Robot for Sale

Smart Lift SL400 Sky Lifter For Sale

400 kg Capacity Manitou quick hitch Wireless remote Very flexible movements Dual vacuum pumps and circuits Enables you to easily...

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Smartlift SL408 Electric Outdoor Glazing Robot

Smart Lift SL408 HLE For Sale

The SL408 High Lifter Electric outdoor glazing robot is ideal for construction sites where versatility is key. Combining full power...

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Smartlift SL580 Maxi Glass Lifter

Smart Lift SL580 Maxi Indoor

Do not underestimate this heavy-duty vacuum lifter, it handles more than half a tonne & is the strongest vacuum robot...

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Smartlift SL608 HL Electric RT Glazing Robot

Smart Lift SL608 HLE RT For Sale

The SL608 HL Electric Rotate outdoor glazing robot offers more power and more options. Choose longer reach and 350 degree...

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Oktopus GL-LN600 kg Inline Glass Lifter

Oktopus GL-LN600 kg Inline Glass Lifter For Sale

This inline vacuum lifter has been designed for handling long and narrow glass panels or fins. Extendable from 1500mm to...

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Smartlift SL608 HL Electric

Smart Lift SL608 HLE For Sale

The Smartlift SL608 High Lifter Electric glazing robot has full power telescopic boom with a maximum lifting height of 4.2...

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Oktopus Glass Lifter for Sale

Oktopus GL-RN400-600-800 Glass Lifter For Sale

Depending on the configuration, capacity is 300kg to 800kg. Dual vacuum circuits with vacuum safety chamber ensure peace of mind...

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Smartlift L808 Giant Glazing Robot

Smart Lift SL808 Giant For Sale

This glazing robot features a proportional hydraulic system that enables the operator to control the arm with extreme precision –...

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GL-KN 1000 kg Glass Lifter for Sale

Oktopus GL-KN1000 Glass Lifter For Sale

Capacity is 600kg - 1000kg Dual vacuum circuits Vacuum safety chamber Rechargeable high capacity 24 volt system Blow off device...

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Smartlift SL1008 Giant Glazing Robot

Smart Lift SL1008 Giant For Sale

This is our most advanced glazing robot. Handle large sheets of glass with ease and precision using the multi-functional, rotating...

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