KS-BN F 400 Cladding Lifter

Oktopus KS-B 400 Cladding Lifter

KS-BN F 400 Cladding Lifter

Using the tried and tested round and oval suction pads, or the two-chamber rectangular suction pad, you can transport and install almost every standard sandwich element and many corrugated sheets. The suction areas of the elements to be lifted must be air-impermeable, have to have an even and clean surface and must not be covered with protective film.

  • Capacity is 400kg
  • Suitable for wall and roof cladding panels
  • Dual vacuum circuits
  • Safety belts
  • Handles cladding up to 18 metres in length
  • Multiple pad configurations to suit different sheet profile.
  • Contact us for rental rates and further information

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