Smart Lift SL808 Giant For Sale

Smart Lift SL808 Giant For Sale

850 kg

This glazing robot features a proportional hydraulic system that enables the operator to control the arm with extreme precision – even with a heavy load. Proportional means that adjustments of the controls trigger similar movements of the yoke and arm.

The SL808 is ready to take on a wide range of tasks from lifting heavy window sections to installing exterior facade elements from inside.

Large window sections are installed easily and precisely using the multifunctional, rotary yoke. A wireless remote controls all yoke and arm movements and makes it possible for the operator to move around the lift during installation.

  • Capacity is 850kg
  • Outdoor and indoor use
  • 4.5 metre lift height
  • Mass is 1300 kg
  • Wireless remote control
  • Self propelled
  • Puncture proof balloon tyres
  • Dual vacuum pumps and dual vacuum circuits
  • Danish quality and safety
  • Rotational and adjustable head
  • Adjustable vacuum pads
  • 100 mm side shift
  • Australian Standard Compliant
  • Please contact us for price and more information

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