Zone 650 Spider Crane

Zone 650 Spider Crane

5000 kg

  • Max boom height is 24 metres
  • Underslung hydraulic luffing and telescopic jib
  • 2000kg searcher hook
  • Hydraulic adjustable tracks
  • 48 volt lithium battery powered
  • Hundreds of outrigger setup combinations
  • Super quiet and no fumes
  • Auto level Incredible lifting power with variable speed control
  • Only 980mm wide
  • The best of the best!!
  • Available with our experienced operator only.

The advantages of lithium batteries compared to standard batteries are:

Lithium Batteries

  • Longer “useful life” of the battery (up to 8-10 times longer)
  • Faster charging times once discharged (up to three times faster)
  • Lithium batteries allow working at maximum power for their entire life (alkaline batteries lose power as the charge decreases)
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • When using the crane, lithium batteries last up to three times longer than lead-acid batteries

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