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KS-BN F 400 Cladding Lifter

Hire Beam Lifter

Using the tried and tested round and oval suction pads, or the two-chamber rectangular suction pad, you can transport and install almost every standard sandwich element and many corrugated sheets.

Joe & Amy

Meet Zone Group

Both Amy and Joe created The Zone Group of Companies because they identified a market which needed Specialised Lifting Equipment Solutions. “Our team are qualified and experienced and we enjoy completing challenging projects. We are here to help and we both look forward to being of service to you soon.”

Why Choose Zone Group?

We Listen To You

We Listen To You

At Zone we believe in actually
listening to our customers to
find out exactly how we can help.

Your Challenge is Accepted

Your Challenge is Accepted

Our team are not afraid of your difficult or challenging tasks and projects.

We Enjoy What We Do

After 30 years in the business
we are very passionate about
the specialised lifting and safety industry.

Experience And Innovation

Experience And Innovation

We always like to be ahead of the game. Always willing to accept new ideas, embrace change and stay relevant.

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