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Who is Smartlift?

Smartlift from Denmark, produce world class vacuum / glass lifting equipment which is characterised by “extreme precision, quality components and high usability.”

Established in 2008, Smartlift has quickly carved out an enviable reputation as a serious player in the vacuum lifting market. They have a “customer first” approach whereby satisfaction and loyalty are the primary focus.

Smartlift Australia

Why Use a Smartlift?

Their comprehensive range of vacuum lifting machines are fully customisable with a selection of factory options and accessories. They are also –

  • Self driven and easy to use
  • Quiet to operate with no fumes
  • Flexible, allowing total freedom of movement in any direction

Glaziers & Glass Installers

Smartlift allows glaziers and glass installers to work faster and safer without the need for manual lifting. Lift, rotate and swivel even the heaviest sheets of glass with high precision and safety.

Installing Glass on a Tall Building?

Even this is easy with a Smartlift. A skylifter can be mounted on a telehandler which provides great reach from the ground up, without compromising on precision.

In tall buildings you can also save precious time by installing the glass from inside. The compact size allows you to transport the equipment in a lift, then simply place the glass and a Smartlift on the deck you work at. Regardless of tight spaces or angles, Smartlift has the right solution.

What to Consider?

If you are considering buying or hiring a Smartlift vacuum lifter, there are several items to consider:

Indoor or Outdoor?

The Smartlift is available in several indoor and outdoor models. Some models are even suitable for use both inside and outside. This should be your first selection criteria.

Where will it be Used?

The smallest Smartlift is only 166cm in length and turns on its own axis. This allows for a high level of maneuverability in tight and compact areas. Consider what areas the equipment is likely to be used in when deciding on what model will be the best fit for your business.

How will it be Used?

With a selection of factory options and accessories, make sure your Smartlift is customised to your individual requirements.

What Size Glass will it Lift?

Each model of Smartlift has a different lifting height and capacity. It is important to ensure that the model you select if suitable for the size of glass or gyprock it will be lifting.

Zone Group & Smartlift

Zone Group partnered with Smartlift in 2016 as an authorised distributor in Australia. We stock a comprehensive range of Smartlift glass lifters and glazing robots which are available to purchase or hire Australia-wide –

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Brad Russell Posted on June 1, 2020

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