KS Compact Cladding Lifter

KS Compact Cladding Lifter

400 kg

Using the tried-and-tested four-chamber rectangular suction cup, you can transport and assemble almost all commercially available sandwich elements with a smooth to slightly profiled surface in the wall area. The elements to be processed must be airtight on the suction surfaces, have an even and clean surface and must not be covered with a protective film.

  • Capacity is 400 kg
  • Dual circuit system
  • Vacuum safety chamber
  • Rechargeable high capacity 24 volt system
  • 360 rotation and 90 degree tilting
  • Designed for lifting refrigerated panels
  • 2 gauges with integrated safety system
  • Manual remote control
  • Vacuum pad is 720 mm x 960 mm
  • German technology and safety
  • Mass is 100 kg
  • Can be attached to forklift or crane
  • Available wet or dry hire

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