Smart Lift SL208 Compact

Smart Lift SL208 Compact

208 kg

The Smartlift SL208 Compact is our most compact and manoeuvrable indoor glazing robot. Easy to control using a joystick and supported by two powerful 1,500 W electric motors, one for each rear wheel, making this machine capable of rotating on its own axis. This robot is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications where space is very limited.

  • Capacity is 208 Kg
  • Lifting height is 2750 mm
  • Indoor use
  • Mass is 480 kg
  • Width is 720 mm
  • Height is 1230 mm
  • Turning radius is 875 mm
  • Easy joystick control
  • Dual vacuum pumps
  • Dual vacuum circuits
  • Run time is 10 hrs
  • NATA certified lifting eye
  • No other machine like it!

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