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Cladding Lifters for Hire

Zone Group offer a comprehensive range of cladding lifters for hire Australia-wide.

Our Oktopus Cladding Lifters are at the forefront of design, engineering and safety. Whether you are lifting wall or roof panels, Zone Group has the solution to suit your application. Easy installation with either forklift, telehandler or crane.

This industry leading range from Oktopus lift corrugated roof sheets, deck and refrigerated panels. They are also manual or remote controlled and have a 400 kg capacity.

With wet and dry hire options available, look no further than Zone Group for your cladding lifter hire requirements. Click below or contact us today to learn more.

Oktopus KS-B 400 Cladding Lifter

Zone KS-B 400 Cladding Lifter

Using the tried and tested round and oval suction pads, or the two-chamber rectangular suction pad, you can transport and...

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Oktopus PT400 kg Cladding Lifter

This device makes it possible to turn, assemble and transport almost all commercially available cladding panels. Perfect for flipping the...

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Oktopus KS Compact Cladding Lifter

Using the tried-and-tested four-chamber rectangular suction cup, you can transport and assemble almost all commercially available sandwich elements with a...

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Oktopus GI-B400 Cladding Lifter

Capacity is 400 kg Attaches to standard forklift Cable remote control Dual vacuum circuit Vacuum safety chamber German technology Suitable...

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